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Thursday, April 3, 2014

iOS vs. Android: Battle Royale

In a conversation comparing mobile platforms, there is more to consider than just the look and feel of a phone or tablet. You have to take other factors into consideration, like apps, services, warranties, and the underlying framework that either Apple or Google uses to support their respective operating systems, iOS and Android.

My cousin and contributor on this blog, +Mike Attrell, and I have been comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of choosing either iOS or Android as your phone platform (as much as Microsoft and Windows Phone are making great strides with Windows Phone 8.1, they aren't a part of this conversation yet).

We have each chosen 5 traits that make our favourite phone platforms stand out, and we'll be discussing the points below in more detail in the coming weeks:

  1. Apple Stores
  2. Industry-leading OS updates
  3. iTunes/App Store Reach
  4. AppleCare
  5. Economy of scale
  1. Device variety
  2. UI Customization
  3. Google-centric Experience
  4. Value/bang-for-buck
  5. Non-walled garden
If you're trying to make a decision about a new smartphone now, check out our video summarizing the differences between iOS and Android: